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Visuals: “The Pursuit” (DRAFT)

(And I still don’t have a clear sense where all of this is going …)

Dyson II.

“If you think of doing the opposite of what should be done, you can often stimulate innovation and do something creative and interesting.”

- James Dyson


The Fuse.

“[...] trying to make creative people fit some mold established as conventional wisdom or best practice may not always yield the best results. Lay the groundwork, but put the onus on the creative person to do what they do best—problem solve. Light the fuse and get away.”

- Greg Hoy

Web Concepts: “Disciplined Creativity”

These are a few concepts for a possible redesign of my main web site.  I stumbled upon the phrase “disciplined creativity” when browsing the BMW DesignWorks site; I think a great self-descriptor.

The first image is what visitors will see when they first visit the page.  The second image shows what’s “underneath” each tile.  When visitors hover over an individual tile, the “original” typeface will appear.

The phrases “Gr” and “Ind” will be linked to PDF versions of my graphic and industrial design portfolios.