About Me

MISSION: Grow continuously and be the best I can be.

IN ONE WORD: “conscientious”

WHO AM I: I have a passion around solving problems regardless of type, learning new things, coming up with new ideas and working with people. I gain tremendous satisfaction in the inter-connectedness of things and how one unrelated idea can spark completely new ideas in a particular area.

STRATEGY: I thrive on learning new things and continuously pushing myself both creatively and intellectually.

To remain in this state of operation, I plant “seeds” (discrete ideas, skills, objects) knowing that eventually I will be able to utilize these seeds to formulate more complex ideas and concepts.  And these new ideas and skills allow me to plant new seeds, and the cycle continues.

I have found that I don’t reap the rewards of the garden all at once – however, there are times where I can pull numerous ideas from one garden and plant an entirely new garden that will grow over time.

I envision at some point I will be able to pull from multiple gardens to formulate a significant idea or project that may change everything.

PASSIONS: Ideas + People

WHAT I AM GOOD AT: problem solving, ideation, education, design, leadership

CORE INTERESTS: learning, writing, design, ideation, education

STRENGTHS: Strategic, Learner, Individualization, Relator, Input


HOLLAND PERSONALITY TYPE: Investigative – Artistic – Social