Resilience III – Core Belief System

“Life can be all too brief, so we must reach out for opportunities when they present themselves.  To do this, you need to better understand the kind of person you are and take control of the forces that, even now, are shaping the future “you.”  Armed with the knowledge of who you are and who you want to be, you can create meaning in your life.  You can do this by using the resilience skills to develop more intimacy with those you love, to fill your life with purpose and meaning via your work or involvement in the community.  You can also use the skills to take on new challenges.”

While the origins of Incubator were based upon loss, it ultimately allowed me to begin understanding who I am and what I want out of my life.  While not yet completely true, the process of documenting my experiences and thought patterns has allowed me to remove many of the negative emotions that comes with loss.  It was this removal that ultimately enabled the end of Incubator and the beginning of Territories.

While the process of healing can, and does, ultimately end, self-exploration does not.  It is created as one experiences new things throughout his or her life.  Coincidentally, self-exploration is an essential part of being resilient.

With the creation of The Visual Journey and the initiation of Immersion, I have a clear understanding of who I am and the experiences that got me here.  But what’s missing is an in-depth analysis of my core belief system.

Thus, one of the areas that I will be focusing on in the weeks and months to come is understanding, and challenging my core beliefs.  Some of my beliefs may fit naturally while others (i.e. those that are not making my life better) require replacement.

Furthermore, some beliefs are centralized to my professional life, while others span both work and play.  Also, some beliefs will be easy to uncover while others may require further analysis.

Future experiences aside, I believe this next step will enable me to truly understand my identity, my role in the world, and will ultimately increase my resilience.

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